Friday, April 15, 2016

Interrupting Travel Posts

I am interrupting travel posts to update you on my goals and declutter challenge

1.   Finish knitting the lace wrap.   About 1/2 way done.

2.   Sew quilt top. Make more quilt blocks if necessary.   Not even looked at yet

3.   Try for 14 no spend days this month.   So far I have 6 days no spending

4.   Go through hall closet and declutter.   Done

5   Move spring/summer wardrobe in and winter wardrobe out of closets and drawers.   Planning on doing this one day next week, when the weather cooperates.

Thanks to Hubby cleaning out his coats from the hall closet I have  managed to remove another 10 items from my home so far this month.

It is also time to update everyone on my frugal endeavors for the week.

I hung 5 loads on the lines in the basement and 1 on the line outside.

Drapes and blinds were opened on the three lovely sunny days we had to take advantage of the light and solar heat.

Bought only those items that we needed for groceries when I went shopping.

Used up all leftovers this week except for a couple of items that can be used for lunch tomorrow.

Went for a lovely morning walk every day but today (pouring rain so I only made it to the mailbox between down pours).

Rain water being saved for watering plants.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.



  1. I always love your posts...
    I have been trying to tackle projects and chores, too.
    I've several painting projects to do outside but wind has been fierce here so not able to do it.
    I have fabric to make a quilt for my daughter in law's birthday in August...I have it washed and pressed but not cut out as yet. It will be a very simple block quilt..i don't know much about sewing so not about to tackle a hard pattern.
    Also trying my best to learn to crochet as I want to make a granny square blanket.

  2. Very productive month even if you haven't achieved all your goals.

  3. Wow! You always accomplish SO much! You inspire me to try to get more done. I love the way you plan your meals. Following in your footsteps is one of my goals! I did manage to split and package up some meat and chicken we bought and have tucked them into our new freezer. It is WONDERFUL to have a freezer again.

    We also went to the Entenmann's outlet today and I picked up 2 loaves of bread (cinnamon swirl and maple french toast swirl), a bag of iced animal crackers, a box of donut holes, 2 boxes of cookies, 2 boxes of "sweet sticks" (cookies often seen sticking out of icecream), a cheese danish, a box of regular donuts, 2 bags of popcorn and one bag of chips. All for $27 and change. Almost all of it went into the freezer. We are good to go on snacks for months! One bag of popcorn, one box of cookies and the danish stayed out for the coming week. Again, I am SO thrilled to have a freezer once more! When transferring things out of the tiny freezer in the kitchen down to the big freezer I came across a TON of frozen bananas. The little guy LOVES banana bread, so I am going to have to try to whip some up this week. If I do, I will slice the banana bread and seal each slice into a sandwich baggie and then put all of the sandwich baggies into a freezer bag to freeze. Tonight we had pierogies and kielbasa for dinner. There is still a little left for someone's lunch tomorrow and there is still half a bag of pierogies and one pound of kielbasa in the freezer for another meal. We HAVE TO start watching our take out/eat out bill and try to eat at home more. I am determined to stash as much cash as I can toward Ron's eventual retirement. Thanks again for the encouragement!