Monday, April 11, 2016

Menu Monday and Monthly Goals

Trying to catch up a bit. I hope to do another post about our trip later today.


Sloppy Joes and a salad.


Some of the leftover ham from Sunday (I managed to freeze a couple of packages) made into a casserole. Served with the leftover salad.


Soup and egg salad sandwiches.


Clean out the fridge. I am liking the clean fridge thing very much. If there isn't enough leftovers for a meal I will make meatballs in mushroom soup served with rice and green beans.


Salmon fillets, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Perhaps some more salad.


Clean out the fridge if unable to do so before.


Roast chicken, roasted vegetables, and salad.

So that is the quick weekly menu I put together yesterday.

Here are my goals for this month.

1.   Finish knitting the lace wrap.

2.   Sew quilt top. Make more quilt blocks if necessary.

3.   Try for 14 no spend days this month.

4.   Go through hall closet and declutter.

5   Move spring/summer wardrobe in and winter wardrobe out of closets and drawers.

I should be able to accomplish all of these in what remains of the month.

See you all later with more photo's of our trip.


  1. What on earth's a Sloppy Joe? Translation please!!

  2. A Sloppy Joe is ground meat, browned with an onion. It is seasoned with black pepper, a bit of sugar, and some Accent (meat tenderizer). A bit of flour is added to soak up the oil and then a can of tomato soup and half a can of water are added (I sometimes add a bit more water). This is brought to a bubble and allowed to cook until thickened. The resulting mixture is spooned over hamburger buns. We always put a slice of cheese on top of each half, eating the halves with a knife and fork but others just slap the bun together and eat it that way.

    It is a very sloppy way to eat them when you try it the second way, hence the name sloppy joe. Some people call them Manwiches (in the U.S.).