Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Tid Bits

Not a whole lot going on around the old homestead. I did manage to finish my wrap and pinned together the blocks for my quilt top. Tomorrow I hope to get the strips sewn and pinned together once again to finish sewing on Saturday. I am still waffling on the inner border, but hopefully when I look at my strips I will have a better idea on how it will be designed.

I did my shopping today and stuck to my list. I managed to pick up some lovely BOGO to have a small stock up on some items. Toilet paper (toilet tissue) was sold out and from what I overheard was not expected in for quite awhile.

Change was emptied from my purse into the various jars and containers. I am hoping for a nice build up for next summer and the two family reunions we will be attending. Perhaps enough at least to pay for our hotel rooms on both occasions.

I actually phoned my sister today and we had a lovely gab fest. I really should travel the 30 miles or so for a visit one of these days.

My seedlings are breaking through the soil. I am hoping that the eggplant Harvey planted comes up. So far there is no sign of any growth in the pots. We had this problem another year and ended up buying starters.

So, as you can see a very quiet day.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I save all my change in jars, too. Hoping to take a long weekend somewhere soon for a little fishing...both of us love to fish...I don't eat them so we generally just toss them back into the water.
    I love it when we save enuf change to pay for gas...or a motel room for the couple of nights.
    I am about to start on a block quilt and was thinking of the strip method where I sew each block along with the batting and backing...then sew all the blocks together ...however, if I do this, I am going to have seams all over the place on the back...not sure I want to have to cover all those with more strips...wondered how you are doing yours....