Sunday, April 10, 2016

We Are Home

We had a wonderful holiday, but are glad to be back home.

I have done a small mountain of laundry, but still am not finished. I ran out of places to hang the clothing downstairs. I will finish it off tomorrow.

We have loved on the cat, who was slightly pissy when we arrived home. Even though my BFF came every day to feed Shania and make sure she had water as well as play with her, our needy cat still was peeved with us and gave us her back at first. Today all she has done is meow and crawl around our legs until we would give her extra pets and treats.

I am downloading pictures of our trip and hope to be able to start posting (tonight if possible) but seem to be having a slight problem. Hopefully I will be able to overcome that problem (emailed them to myself and now seem to have a problem getting them off the email).

I think I will just post a few pictures of the flora we saw.

Lovely bougainvillea. This one was a deep red, but we also saw pinker tones.

Oranges forming and the lovely white, waxy blossoms.

Just a couple of pictures of the orange blossoms. They filled the air with such a wonderful smell. That smell is going to linger for a very long time in my memory.

We say large clusters of this cacti growing along the road and when I got a chance I just had to snap a picture. While we have succulents here, none grow this large. Or to such a great mass.

Poppies growing in one of the many parks we visited.

Some lovely Bird of Paradise.

Seeing all the orange and lemon trees has given me the urge to try and grow a few of my own. I did grow an orange tree from an orange seed when I was very young, so I am going to give it a try once again. I just have to find fruit that contains seeds.

Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.

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  1. i adore the smell of orange blossoms. i have a philadephus in my garden which smells similar. so pleased that you enjoyed your trip.