Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Valencia - Guadix - Granada

The third day we boarded the bus and headed towards Granada.

On the journey we saw many olive groves. Field after field were covered with these beautiful trees and I learned that I had been misinformed for many years. I thought that most olive oil came from Italy, but it turns out that Spain exports most of their olives to you guessed it, Italy. As I needed olive oil when we got home I took a good look at the bottle. Yep, it was made in Spain!!!! My old olive oil bottle said produced in Italy from Spanish olives.

We also saw many orange orchards and after eating fresh oranges at many of our buffet breakfasts I think we have been ruined for eating oranges here. It has been many years since I have been able to purchase Valencia oranges in any supermarket here and I had forgotten how juicy they are. Notice how the trees are all in blossom.

We traveled inland through the 'sierras' towards Guadix and viewed the troglodyte caves.

This is a typical cliff that the cave houses are built into.
The homes are carved into the rock and then a front door and a couple of windows are added.

They even in some cases (well most) have a small garden in front of them. We must have seen at least 20 of these types of homes with more hidden where they could not be seen.

Please excuse the slightly blurry pictures as we took them from the bus as we were traveling.

When we reached Granada, we settled into our hotel rooms before heading out for a lovely dinner in the Moorish center of the city. Our waiter was great fun and we laughed the evening away. We even got a glimpse of this.

The Alhambra Palace!! We were scheduled to go their for a tour the next day.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. We have visited Valencia in the past and the orange groves are beautiful sight. Fortunately we do get Valencia oranges here. Oranges (particularly navels) are my favourite of all fruits. When we visited we stayed in a small cave house near Nerja, which was surprisingly cool in the 40 degree C heat.

  2. Those cave homes sound fascinating! I have read about them before but now I feel the need to do a bit of research and learn more facts. Thanks for taking us along on your trip!