Sunday, September 4, 2016

Just A Quick One

Kris is home for a visit, and as it is early morning here, I finally have the computer to myself. Thought I would do a quick post.

Not really complaining about the lack of computer time as he is getting things I did not manage to put on this new machine up and running. I like that!

I now have an antivirus program once again, and a printer control panel. Mind you it seems as if the control panel is missing a few things (like the scan page), but I need to try it out today and see what happens. If the scan function still does not work I am hopeful he can get it up and working before he leaves.

I have been doing lots of baking, with still more to do. I plan on sending him home with lots of treats and ready meals. Saves him some cash (he is saving for a new car and for a house) as well as ensures all leftovers are used up in this house.

Leaving you with a picture from the deck of the yacht we took our dinner cruise on....
Everyone have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. peaceful! Glad you had some rest time.

  2. good to have your boy home...xoxo

  3. It's great to have someone tech savvy to do those tricky jobs for you. I'm a complete technophobe, so I would struggle otherwise.