Friday, February 3, 2017

Managing Clutter Efficiently

Is there really a way of managing clutter efficiently? I think there is, but part of the deal is realizing that clutter is taking up room in your life.

Over the years we have removed clutter constantly, cleaning closets out, removing those unused items from the house, and really thinking about what we are bringing in.

However it wasn't until I purposely started the declutter challenge that things started to get better.

The first thing I did was cancel all magazine subscriptions. Then I went through the magazines I had collected. First it was all the cooking magazines. I pulled out or recopied any recipe I thought I might use and then recycled the magazines to either the schools or the Salvation Army.  I just finished doing the same thing with all my knitting magazines and wow what a difference!!! I actually have empty spaces on my shelving in the sewing/craft room.

We also canceled all newspaper delivery and get our news online. The only paper we get is the free city paper that contains the fliers and sales for our city. So nice not to have a full recycle bin, and the paper we do have can actually fit. In the summer, when we have a fire there really isn't much paper at all as I use what we have as fire starter along with twigs I pick up in the yard.

Harvey made me a mail tray a few years ago from scrap lumber. Every week I go through the tray and take care of what is in there. Perhaps there are a few bills, but more than likely it is things I really don't need or want. This way the paper monster does not take over the desk as much as it used to.

Cards and such are no longer saved unless they have great meaning and then after a week or so of being out are either recycled into tags or put into an album.

I did have a hard time decluttering my books. I am an veracious reader and kept every single book I had bought. The flood this past summer made me realize that not every book was meant to be kept. I did keep the books by my favorite authors, and have warned Harvey that this does not mean that I will never buy another book, but for now I am contented with the free books on Kobo and buying books from garage sales and rummage sales that I can recycle. But if a new book by a favorite author comes up, well, it will be purchased. He seems okay with that.

Every week a bit more leaves the house and I can feel myself getting a bit lighter.

Clutter is expensive, takes up space, and is not a part of frugal living.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. This was a good post Jackie. I agree that letting it go is very liberating. I think once you start and get into the mindset, it does really help you to think about what you bring in and whether you really need it.

    It's nice too to pass things on to others that maybe don't have everything they need once you no longer have a need for it. It's a win win.

  2. Good post, Jackie.

    I have also cancelled my newspaper and let all my magazine subscriptions expire except one that is published every other month.