Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Ramblings

It was a very good thing that we took our road trip yesterday.

This is what it looked like outside for most of today.

The snow started falling early this morning and has continued for the entire day. In fact it is still coming down. Sure glad we weren't on the road today. Yesterday, on the other hand was almost perfect, except for the temperature.

We picked up Kris at his apartment and went on our merry way. Much to Harvey and Kris's happiness we did not stop at Fabricland. I decided that I have enough fabric to last for awhile, and as my sewing mojo seems to be on hiatus right now, perhaps waiting would be a good idea. I even have enough woolen fabric to make another jacket if I so choose. Lining is a different story though.....

We did hit Home Depot where I bought some LED bulbs to replace the old incandescent bulbs in the bathroom and Harvey found some LED tubes that can be used in the old florescent fixtures. Boy do they ever put out the light.

Our next stop was Michael's where I managed to get all of this at 50% off.

I know I said no more yarn, but I could not turn away from the little bit I got. I bought the white felt for eyes on some monster leggings I plan on making once the bits and bobs blankets are done. I even found a block of beeswax to use for making some skin care recipes. I almost bought some soap making supplies but decided I better use up what I have first.

A trip to Home Outfitters was next on the list. Here we bought a new pepper grinder, some Laura Secord Hot Chocolate K cups, and an egg poacher for the microwave (this in my quest to save on electrical costs).

London Drugs was next where I bought my favorite Mint Hot Chocolate K cups and some dark roast coffee K cups for Harvey. He loves him some full bodied black as night coffee.

Costco was next, and while they still did not have cases of cream of mushroom soup and the salmon was farmed (something I refuse to buy), I did manage to get everything on my list. I actually walked out without spending more than I had planned. I did buy a couple of items that weren't on the list but they will be used. In fact I managed to get a 5lb bag of apples that can be eaten in hand or used in baking for $4.99. Less than a dollar a pound which is half the cost of buying them here. The same goes for the bags of broccoli florets, cauliflower florets and brussel sprouts, half the cost and double the amount I could purchase here.

We had an early supper/lunch combination, dropped Kris off and headed home.

One thing we did find out was that Kris has to drive from Regina to Saskatoon on Monday for a meeting. That is a two hour drive either way, for a one hour meeting. The meeting is supposed to start at 8:30 am so in order to get there (especially if the conditions are not good) he will have to leave at 5:30 in the morning. Crazy!

Then on Wednesday he flies to Calgary to take a two day course on a new computer program. He should be back by Thursday night. We were hoping he could come home as it is the Family Day weekend (stat holiday here in Saskatchewan) but we have a feeling that he will end up working most of the weekend to catch up on all he missed doing while gone. Hopefully, he will be home one weekend very soon.

Today I divided up all the meat we bought and packaged it with my Food Saver. The freezer is full once again.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Sounds like a very productive trip.

  2. is the best feeling in the world to have a freezer and pantry full...