Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Update, New Goals, And Trying To Spend Less

First an update on how well I did with my goals last month.

1.  Take down Christmas decorations. Done

2.  Cut out three tops. Done

3.  Sew two tops. Lost my sewing mojo, so am concentrating on other hobbies until I get it back.

4.  List Messy Bun/Pony Tail Hats for sale. Pictures taken, and I have them on one site. Will add to other sights later.

5.  Declutter. On going and will give a total for last month under Project Declutter.

6.  Burn our Spain/Portugal holiday and other pictures to CD. Done

7.  Work on projects to use inherited yarn, and cross stitch/embroidery items. Working on this, one cross stitch work done, and lots of bits of inherited yarn being used up in those knitted squares.

8.  Have 20 no spend days this month.  I made 23 no spend days this month. Of course the weather helped a great deal. Who wants to be out and about when it is -50 C with the wind chill.

This month saw me removing 276 items from the house. Most of this consisted of knitting magazines collected over the years. I removed those patterns that I thought I might use, and recycled the magazines to the schools to use in their art programs.

Now on to this months goals.

1.  Hopefully my sewing mojo returns as sewing those tops is a goal for this month.

2.  I want to continue knitting squares with bits and bobs of inherited yarn and yarn leftover from other projects. Hoping to get a blanket or two made.

3.  Finish another inherited cross stitch kit. The one I pulled out should compliment the lilies and look good as a cushion also.

4.  Continue Project Declutter.

5.  I would like to have 20 no spend days this month.

Now on to a challenge that will continue for the whole of this year. I really want to see how much I can cut certain budget lines by. This year I am going to concentrate on the electric bill, the gas bill, the water bill and groceries. While we were under last year in all these categories, I would like to see if I can manage to get them even lower. It may take some creative ideas, and me running behind Harvey and shutting off lights, but I think I can do it.

Last month we were $37.00 under budget for power, $35.00 for gas, and $142.00 for groceries. Water is every two months so I will need to wait a bit for that one. I do know we will be over this month for groceries, but that will be because of our stock up shop at Costco and another warehouse type grocery. Wish me luck as things could get a bit tricky if the weather gets really cold.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I need to do this - publicly post my goals for the month. Only I would fail....