Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thrifty Tuesday

This has been a very thrifty week so far (well from last Tuesday to this one). I have been busy getting the most out of items I have bought.

I made a blanket from leftover yarn from other projects, and have started another with a mish mash of leftover bulky yarns (most are full balls). Once this one is finished I plan on making a ripple blanket out of all those small balls I have collected over the years. I am hoping to have a nice collection to give to the Nursing Home in a month or two. Slowly working my way through that yarn stash and being good by not even going by yarn in stores..... My yarnaholic tendencies were satisfied when I went to Michael's.

Slowly but surely making our way through the pantry as well. I am hoping that the next shopping trip (probably on Friday or Saturday) will be a very small one.

We had some old towels which I cut down into rags, just have to serge the edges before using them. I can then rid my rag collections of some rather tatty rags. The tatty, holey rags will be used in Harvey's work room to clean paint brushes and such.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.



  1. I need to make more of an effort using things up.......

  2. Oh your comment about using the tatty holey rags in your dh's work room, I should do that with some of my older ones but put them in the garage for when Dh works on our cars/trucks -- then maybe he won't send the boys in to get a rag and they go out with my nice new towels. ;)