Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday Tid Bits

Spending these rather cold and blustery days figuring out ways to save on electrical costs (our bill was much more than I expected it to be) and now that I see the natural gas bill I might need to figure out more ways to save on that bill as well.

Lights are being turned out in rooms not in use, the kitchen only has one small light on just so we can find our way down the hall if we need to (or so Harvey can find his way through from the basement), tomorrow I plan on making sure the heater in our room is turned down during the day and turned up about an hour before I climb into bed.

Harvey went for a bit of a drive today (sometimes he just has to get out of the house) and came running back for his camera.

These mule deer had decided to take up residence not too far away from us in the valley.

They do not seem at all afraid of people. These were taken on the side of the hill that didn't get as much snow. You can actually see some of the pasture which is surprising as the other side of the valley is full of snow.

What did I do today? Well I cleaned the chair railings, did the usual Thursday household tasks, watched some old episodes of CSI while knitting, and........

These are some pumpkin muffins. I couldn't find my regular recipe (found it finally) and so decided to try a new recipe. Not too sure if I like this one very much.


Some rhubarb muffins which also was a new recipe. I think I like these a great deal so this recipe is a keeper and is now marked in the recipe book.
Still no cookies made, and since tomorrow is shopping day (fairly early in the morning I hope) I probably will hold off on doing this until next week or perhaps Saturday sometime.
Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.

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  1. Jackie, could you post your rhubarb muffin recipe. I'm always looking for new ways to use the rhubarb I grow. Thanks.