Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What On Earth

This is a bit of a vent.

Everyone knows I live in Canada, and we have an idiot/megalomaniac in power in the country below us.

Now I quite understand how a country would want to buy their own products first (heck, I want the same in my country), but what I don't understand is being nicey, nicey, to a visiting leader and then a few weeks later starting to slam the country said leader comes from.


In a news conference saying "Everyone thinks Canada is so good, but they are nasty. They have fooled our politicians for years. I really like Canada." What is this guy? Bipolar? A child throwing a temper tantrum because he isn't going to get to build his wall?

Canada and the United States have the longest undefended border in the world. We have been friends since, well forever (if one forgets that in retaliation for the burning of York, we burned down the White House). Goods and services cross the border countless times in a day, we sell our excess power to various states, our oil is transported down there cheaper than what we sell it to ourselves, and Canadians spend millions of dollars a year on tourism and some even live down in the southern states for the winter.

We run a trade deficit with them, bringing in much more than we send down.

Now that being said, we are a quiet, laid back country. We try and keep our cool and work through diplomatic means, however, right now I feel disrespected as a country and so do many of the people I talk to and read about in the news.

We will fight for our rights, we will not roll over and let this idiot feel he has the right to do or say anything he wants. If diplomatic measures do not work, there are enough people here to pressure our government into shutting down our oil transfers, our water ways, and energy transfers. Perhaps it's time to buy more from Mexico and South America. We may pay a bit more, but what we would show Trump more than makes up for the extra costs.

There, now I feel much better.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Sometimes, you just have to let rip. I hope you feel a lot better now Jackie.

  2. Same sentiments here with EU acting a bit like the T-man, so buying more and more home produced stuff. Current US status worries me greatly and today I was grinding my teeth at our Foreign Secretary saying UK could support his war mongering. Err.... NO. Had not heard about the Canadian comments - I will follow that news with interest now as you are right you have a longer border than Mexico.

  3. I have been reading your blog for a while, but never commented. Being a US citizen, I have a different perspective.
    I am pretty sure that the US purchases more from Canada then Canada does from the US (226K out to Canada/ 276K in from Canada). That make the trade deficit. Currently the pipeline that we are having many arguments about (Keystone) is Canadian(built with Russian steal) and none of the oil will be processed or used in the US. The timber industry is currently being flooded by the pines from Canada. We need the wood- but yours is cheaper. We pay a bit more for our own wood, but it is lumbered by our people. Same with dairy and the Northeast of the US. Why is it wrong to get an equal footing?

    Hate it or love it- our current President is a businessman. He is trying to do something entirely different.
    Canada is smart. Their citizens own their land (or charge extra for those who are not). They print their own school text books. They care for all of their citizen's health and have a great retirement plan. The US needs to get a footing again. It has been a long road. I know it is uncomfortable to watch.
    I do enjoy your blog.

  4. Anonymous, it is Trump's tone more than the issues. He treats people and countries like crap. He acts nice to their face and then lets out a mean-spirited rant that is insulting to people and countries. No class whatsoever. No sense of decorum. No respect for others.