Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday Tidbits

Really there isn't much going on here right now. I do the usual household chores, work on various projects, and cook. Really, a rather boring life. I never seem to have big ups or downs and perhaps that could be considered a good thing. 

Take today for instance. This morning I went shopping, to the bank and bought a blood pressure machine. It seems that both Harvey and I need to track our blood pressures for awhile. I was asked to do this yesterday, but Harvey was asked to do so over a year ago..... So why did he not tell me before this. So our excitement for today was learning how to use the machine. That took all of 5 minutes.

My excitement for tomorrow? I guess my visit to the hospital lab for blood tests. Well that and more cleaning, cooking and working on projects. Oh I forgot, I get to help with a run through for the Anglican lectors that will be reading at this Sunday's Mass. 

I guess I am just feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight. Think it is time to plan a lovely trip to Greece this spring.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. As I read your comment - "Really, a rather boring life...perhaps that could be considered a good thing." It brought to mind Galen's blog from No Way CafĂ© titled Reading Labels. She concludes her blog with "These conversations have made me take a closer look at some of the labels I use, and how they affect my assessment of a situation, my emotional reactions, and my ability to have meaningful communication. I’m going to make more effort to “read” the labels I use and see what the hidden ingredients are!" Webster's dictionary definition of boring - to make weary and restless by being uninteresting. Boredom is a word I seldom use; however, I do feel weary and restless at times. I attribute it partially to this lull that often comes after the activity of summer and fall before settling into the quiet of winter. At any rate, Jackie, a peaceful life is a gift.

  2. Not much going on here either - same routines each week. Not boring though as every day is busy in one way or another. I'm sure Greece will be an attractive diversion but I know you'll hanker after home after a while. There's no place like home.

  3. awww, sweetheart....nothing wrong with feeling a little down every now and then....and hey, I'll be waiting in my porch swing for you to stop and pick me up on your way to Greece.....xoxoxo

  4. Hi Jackie, life gets a bit routine for all of us at times, but to be honest I prefer routine. I'd hate to be a social butterfly, flitting off here and there and never touching base at home. I agree with the comment above about changing seasons from summer to autumn/ winter. I actually relish the slow, quiet winter days and feeling that it's okay to stay home and cosy up. Its a good time for contemplation and reflection which is often hard to find the time for these days.