Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday Roundup

This week has been fairly quiet and has seen me well on the road for my goals for this month and those I made for the year.

Today is day 5 of no spending, instead I stayed close to home and worked on a very few things. For some reason my "to do" mojo is not working and I just feel like getting my chore list done today was a big accomplishment.

I think I might be suffering from the post Christmas blues. Not sleeping well, and getting distracted very easily. I am sure I will be back to normal in no time, but having my daily to do lists is keeping the house fairly tidy.

Now you all know I listed items on our cities garage sale sites and one sold almost immediately. The other sold later that night. The people that bought the items got excellent deals, but at least these unused items are no longer taking up space in my house and I made a small amount of cash as well.

Beginning January 1st I started using up all those partial bottles of lotion we have picked up on our travels. My, those small bottles hold a great deal!! I started using one that was less than half full and finally used the last bit up this afternoon. In the winter I always seem to be applying lotion to my hands. It is just so dry here with the wind and cold weather.

I also finished off the tunic top I started sewing before Christmas. Then today I did the special markings on the last of the cut out tops. Tomorrow I will thread my machine, change to a stretch needle, and iron on some of the binding. Perhaps I will even begin to sew a few of the easier seams. New pattern and that makes me a bit leery.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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