Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thrifty Tuesday

Another week has gone by and as things have gotten back to as near normal as they can be I can see the places where I let thrift drift away.

However, there were still thrifty happenings around the old homestead over the past week. Perhaps not as many as usual, but enough to be headed in the right direction.

We were very lucky the last three days in that we had temperatures well above the norm for this time of year (not to worry though a cold front along with more snow is moving in). So, because of this I got to turn off the heat in the hallway, turn down the small heater in our room and turn down the heater in the sewing/craft room. 

Then we found out that we really like the store brand frozen veggies I bought, as well as the butter. So this shopping trip I picked up a large can of store brand coffee to give it a try. I am hoping that we like it enough to continue buying.

Bread was baked. I do love the smell of fresh bread. The house seems cozier somehow.

I made a large ham for our supper on Sunday and once the meal was over all the meat was packaged up and frozen for other meals through this month and into February. In fact I used the smallest bag tonight and made a quiche. Served it with leftover salad. Mmmm, good and so very filling. Best thing yet, the leftover quiche was wrapped and will be served for another meal.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I am going to try more frozen veg, they are so much cheaper. xx

  2. Its great when you find a cheaper alternative that you like.