Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saving Money In The Spring

We are still under winter's grasp here, but I know spring is coming soon (at least I hope it is!) and after a long cold winter nothing is looked forward to as much as those first sprigs of green.

Spring is another wonderful season to save cash in.

Come spring all my clothes will be put on this.

I just love the smell of clothing fresh off the line. The only time my dryer will be used is if it is raining out and even then I will hang clothes in the basement just like during the winter and late fall.

Once all the snow and ice disappears, I will be spending more time doing this for free exercise.
I plan on buying a small shopping cart so that I can do a bit of shopping while walking and not rely on my vehicle so much. Sure combining trips into one does save cash, but this would cut down my driving even more.

I showed some pictures of the bedding plants I have started, and mentioned how much those few will save us. I plan on starting some vines for my hanging baskets in the front of the house. Saving even more in the long run. I may even move some of the house plants I have outside for the summer.

As it continues to warm up our thermostat will be turned lower and lower. Soon I hope to have it turned right down to almost nothing. The blinds and drapes are open longer during the day to take advantage of the sunshine and of course the solar heating of the sun. We have a very large south facing window and the heat this collects is absolutely amazing even on the coldest day.

More spring savings tips coming up in my next blog post.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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