Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Happenings

Today was just beautiful....

I went for an early morning walk and got my 14 blocks done in record time. Guess next week I will move up to 16. Mind you I will be working three days of the week so this could be slightly difficult. I may be doing 2 weeks of that 16 blocks.

Then I sat at my computer with a cup of coffee and checked out the games I play on my Facebook page. When I looked up about 15 minutes later a dense fog had rolled in. When the fog finally disappeared the sun was shining once again.

Harvey went out and got the rest of the eaves guard on the long side of the house. Now there is just a small portion of the back to do. Pretty soon I will not have to worry about him climbing on the roof to clean the eaves trough. Or at least he won't have to go up quite as often.

Then he put up my umbrella dryer. Looks pretty darn good. I just hope it holds all my laundry!

Me, well I did some sewing today. I finished off project number 6 for this month. A lovely summer top.

I forgot about matching the plaid, but all in all it does not look too bad at all. I also used some extra wide double fold bias tape to bind the neck and sleeve edges instead of using the same material. I am happy with the finished product and plan on making a couple more of these for my summer wardrobe. Well, I will be making them the next go round for sewing goals.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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