Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Month, New Goals

Another month has started and I figured I should bring everyone up to date on how much I accomplished of my goals last month and make some new ones for this month.

Of my last month's goals I did manage to get two of the three completed totally and one half completed.

I managed to sew the two new items for my wardrobe, and 5 of the patterns I cut out were completed.

I organized the magazine recipes and decluttered them by giving them to the library and the schools.

I only finished around half of my challenge with my rug project in that I did get the cream yarn finished and started the burgundy yarn.

This month I am going to challenge myself to finish the burgundy yarn and get a good start on another ball of the sage green (if I finish the green I will be overjoyed).

I also plan to finish sewing the 6th pattern and cut out another 4 to hopefully get sewn. This is to replace items that no longer fit or I cleared out of my spring/summer wardrobe mainly because they were over 10 years old and no longer fit my lifestyle. I still have some of those, but the items fit and are not that old.

A friend on another blog started a book of calls she had to make, keeping track of them and if she had to leave a message when the person called answered her. I decided to do something similar, however in my case I am listing items bought and the date bought.
 I just want to see how long things last around the Phillips Homestead. So I have written what I bought for the house and myself, and the date I bought the item. Hopefully I will find a pattern and thus can save for those items in the future. I should write the cost down as well and will do that after looking at the receipts later. This will be an ongoing goal for the rest of the year and beyond.

My last goal is to increase my walking in the mornings that I do not work as well as cut down on my calories. I hope to lose 5 pounds this month. The weight just seemed to appear out of no where this winter and I am beginning to feel a bit rotund.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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