Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Tid Bits

It is almost time to start supper. Thank goodness for leftovers as I will only have to make pasta and warm up the chili. I have a meeting tonight so an early supper, clean up and then off I go. This time the RCIA meeting.

My back is really bad today, and I am desperately tired. The wind is howling (many people call this type of brisk westerly wind an Alberta Clipper, I call it something else....) and my fibro is starting to kick in. I am happy to note that soon I will be home and resting for a few days. Hopefully that will help.

Went for my 10 block walk early this morning and actually cut a bit off my time. Next week I will be going for 12 blocks on the days I don't work and hopefully by the end of the week will have managed to cut time off once again by the end of that week.

I also spent some time cutting out some more sewing patterns.

A couple of dresses, a top, and in the bag with the shorts and pants pattern 2 pairs of shorts. So all together I managed to cut out 9 patterns. This means I used most of 9 pieces of fabric from my stash. I do have to go through the scraps tomorrow and decide what will be useful to use in what small (or larger quilting projects).

Then silly me decided to sew some more cord onto the rug project. Not a good idea as now the back is very painful. Stopped and rested hoping that by the time I leave for my meeting the pain will have dissipated, can't take any meds for it right now, but if it is still bad when I get home tonight I will.

Checked out my starter plants.

Starting to see some progress. I hope by the middle of next week to have a great start on the plants. My Moonflowers seem to be growing quite well.

Off to start supper.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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