Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Ramblings.

Lent is slowly drawing to a close. Soon we will be moving into the Tridium which is the part of the Church year I love.

Today the church was decently full, not as full as it used to be when our boys were growing up, but at least there were fewer empty pews.

Father Brian once again gave us a great deal to think about. He talked about the parables leading us into the teachings of Christ and how unless we understood all the levels of the teaching we were not very close to knowing and having a relationship with our Savior. This is much the same as what both the courses I am teaching say. We know lots about Christ, but do we really know him? Lots to think about this week.

I spent part of the day visiting a friend in the hospital. JoAnn, broke her pelvis while in Regina and is laid up in the hospital. She is hoping to get out for Easter. I am keeping my fingers crossed for her. Right now her husband, Albert, is in Edmonton with their son who is dying of cancer. I know JoAnn really wishes she was with him.

After getting home I spent some time in the sewing room. I am working on that dress I cut out last month. Still have a bit to do, but I quit while I was still having things go well. If I sew too long, well I start to make silly little mistakes and then get frustrated, which in turn leads to more silly mistakes. Better to stop while the going is good.

Yesterday I promised to show an update on the rug project. Pretty soon I may need a ladder in order to get a proper picture.

This once a week update is showing me that I am actually accomplishing more then I thought on this project. Tomorrow I should be able to sew some more of the burgundy cording on. I have 4 loops hanging on my knitting basket.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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