Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thrify Tuesday

So what have I done this week to be able to call myself thrifty?

I have made a few household cleaners, well actually just one. Vinegar is used on my floors twice a month instead of floor cleaner and this happened to be one of the two times I would do so.

I pulled some socks out of my darning basket and added another two pairs to Harvey's sock drawer.

We ate leftover stew tonight, and still had some left so I made a frozen tv type meal for our youngest son.

I saved the drippings from the roast beef to use making soup later this week (like tomorrow).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


thrift deluxe said...

I like the idea of vinegar as a thrifty floor cleaner, I've used it for other cleaning tasks, but never the floor. Do you just use it neat? I'm after something non-toxic to clean the living room floor with, as the rabbits run straight over it as soon as they see the mop!

Jackie said...

I use vinegar mixed with water for the floors. I don't think vinegar straight would be a good thing to use as it is an acid albeit a weak one.

bj said...

Thrifty is, indeed, a cool thing...
I always feel good when I can save a few pennies. :)

thrift deluxe said...

Thanks, that's why I asked. I do have commercial flooring in the living room, but even so!