Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Am I Developing A Green Thumb?

It seems that every spring I spend a small fortune on plants for my baskets and pots. This past growing season I decided to try and over winter a few plants to see if I could save a few pennies (well considering what plants cost, I should say a few dollars). I started small, cause if it didn't work I did not want to feel like a failure.

I brought in one of my most expensive plants.... To my utter horror, all the leaves fell off and I was left with brown sticks. Those sticks seemed to have some life left in them so I tenderly watered and made sure they were in whatever sunlight we get in the winter. My babying paid off.

See the pretty pink flowers and all the lovely green foliage!!! I may break down and buy another one of these next year and bring both in over the winter.

Next I made cuttings of some of the ivy growing in my pots. I rooted them in water and once they were rooted planted them in some pots and have managed to keep them growing through the winter.

They are coming along quite nicely.

While this does not seem like much by doing this I saved at least $20.00.

I will also be starting some seeds near the end of the next month. More savings!!!

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Jackie -
    Congrats on the green thumb! My thumb is black, black, black...but I am hoping to plant some tomatoes and peppers this summer and MAYBE get enough to eat and preserve! Maybe I just have to keep trying in order to change the black to green!

    Take care -