Friday, January 25, 2013

Saving Money In The Winter # 2

Here are a couple of more ways we save money in the winter.

In the spring and summer when we are working outside in the garden or yard, this first method is a bit harder. In the winter we really don't get very dirty.

During the winter we can usually wear our pants for two or three days with no problem. They don't get dirty cleaning the house and now that Harvey is no longer working covered in crude oil. Most times if I am subbing and need to wear dressier clothing I air out what I wore and wear the pants again the next day with a new shirt or sweater.

This saves on laundry costs as well so it is an all round winner.

Over the years I have learned something absolutely wonderful.

That is to cook once and eat twice. Usually the leftovers are served two days later. I heat the second meal up in the microwave thus saving electrical power as well as my time and energy. After all I would much rather be doing something crafty for gifts and saving even more money.

This method as well as having planned overs saves us grocery money and is very easy to do. Just plan your menu for the month and you are bound to find lots of areas where you can use planned overs or leftovers.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Hi, Jackie girl...hope all is good in your world.

    These are great tips for saving dollars. It is getting harder and harder to do. Seems every time I go to the grocery store, things have gone up in price. Very frustrating when you are operating on a strict budget.
    Maybe we'll both be RICH in our next life. hahhaa....