Sunday, January 27, 2013

Menu Plans for the Upcoming Week

Time for me to post my menu plans for the upcoming week once again. Seems like these days arrive faster and faster each week.


Ham, rice, and yellow beans


Leftover ribs that I froze a couple of weeks back, leftover rice and peas


Spaghetti, meat sauce, and a salad


Pork stir fry over some type of pasta (I am thinking rotini)


Baked spaghetti and the leftover salad


German noodles and fried eggs, smothered in fried onions


I think that Harvey plans on buying Kentucky Fried Chicken, however if this does not come to pass and since Kris will hopefully be home I just might make a huge stew (lots of leftovers and hopefully enough for Kris to take some back with him).

Everybody have a wonderful evening. I am off to work on some knitting.

God bless.

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