Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This week a fire broke out in northern Alberta, right near the city of Fort MacMurray in the heart of the Canadian oilsands.

My heart is breaking for the 80,000 people who had to leave their homes not knowing if they will have a home to return to.

 The weather is not cooperating. No rain and high winds are creating the perfect firestorm.

 Please remember this city in your prayers.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Oh, Jackie...I am so sorry to hear about this tragedy! Dear Hubby called me from work to ask where you lived to make sure you were okay. He hears me talk about my internet "friends" all the time! I didn't think you lived near there (geography of the US is hard enough for me, let alone Canada, LOL) but I wasn't sure if either of your boys lived near there. Hope everyone is safe and keeping all of those who are in harms way in my prayers!

  2. it is indeed awful, the only good thing about the situation is that there have been no lives lost so far. Sending my prayers and thoughts and hoping for rain for them.

  3. They have evacuated another 10,000 today and had to move all the evacuees from Anzac. I am originally from Alberta and usually have many family members working up there. They were all out before this happened. It was enough with all the layoffs now this. I feel so bad for them all. Another wildfire started yesterday northwest of Edmonton and another one today up be Lac la Biche. It is tinder dry all over Alberta and I would say most of the west part of Saskachewan. I now live in eastern Manitoba - our area from the US border up to Gypsumville, then from my town all the way to the Ontario border. We hit +35C today. Looks like it will be a long hot dry summer for the prairies. I asked my kids not to give me anything for Mother's Day. I would much rather see the money got to a relief fund for them. The Red Cross has since Tuesday night received 11 million dollars for relief.

  4. Jean, I just read about the new evacuations this morning.

    We are under a fire ban here in Southeastern Saskatchewan. Pretty much the whole province is under a level 2 ban right now. We had a small grass fire by the railroad tracks just outside of Estevan, but it was caught very quickly.

    I took some personal hygiene items and diapers to a girl moving to Edmonton, just needed to help out and the relief page says they need those items desperately.

    1. Two new fires here today. On at Caddy lake. InGolf Ontario has been evacuated. Just now all the fir trucks headed out from La Broquerie so must be a new one here. We have really high winds here today. Could hardly get the screen door open. I hear the in BC has now moved into Alberta. What a summer this is going to be fore the prairies.

  5. Lin, we live many miles from the affected area, but with temperatures reaching 35 C here yesterday and 33 C here today and no rain, the chances of us having a grass fire have rose exponentially.

    Kris lived in Fort Mac for almost a year working at Syncrude for his work terms. He got to know many of the other workers who lived and worked there.