Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Ramblings

It has been a quiet Mother's Day here at the old homestead. Kris came home for the weekend but left around 10 this morning. He commandeered my computer yesterday and did some work on it. He could not find Harvey's financial portfolio, that seems to have disappeared into cyber space somewhere. He did however get my Norton Antivirus up and working once again as well as upgrade my Android TV box.

The boys went fishing for a bit yesterday (but I was under strict orders Not to touch  the computer, Kris had it doing searches and such). Of course Harvey did not manage to get a nibble, but Kris managed to bring in two. They both came back exhausted but happy.

I went on another bedding plant buying spree. Still looking for a few so I am not done yet. I was going to plant today, but looking at the long term forecast it does not look good for a couple of days this upcoming week. Temperatures falling to just above freezing is not the time to put tender plants in the ground. This could change, but for now the plants will be coming in the house in the evenings and going out during the day.

This is not a frugal time of year for us, but by buying my plants here at home instead of traveling to the big city we at least save on gas.

Well off to get a bit of work done before Harvey starts to BBQ. We aren't have a baked ham today, rather I pulled out a large ham steak for him to cook. Still ham, and I do have leftover ham from our last baked ham meal that needs to be used up.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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