Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

On Sundays I usually make a big meal. Some kind of roast, two veggies and potatoes. The meat is always sliced by Harvey and because I buy the biggest roast, ham or chicken that the budget stretches to, there is always at least one bag of meat (more often 2 or more) leftover and put in the freezer. There is also usually a bag with a few slices to be used to make sandwiches at lunch.

One bag of meat always makes the basis of another meal or two in the following week. Last night we used up the leftover veggies and potatoes so today I decided according to my menu plan (which got last nights supper changed to a use up all the leftovers type meal) to pull out one of the two bags of roast beef and make a meal. I had half an onion to use up, as well as half a green pepper, so I thinly sliced them, added a can of mushrooms and the package of leftover roast thinly sliced. Browned those in butter for a little bit and then added some flour and beef stock. Soon I will add some sour cream which needs using up as well.

Served over noodles this will make a hearty meal or two. One for tonight and one for the clean out the fridge night later this week.

I still have another bag of meat in the freezer and will use that sometime down the road. So for a cost of around $15.00 I usually end up with 15 meals making my protein for these meals cost in the neighbourhood of $1.00 a serving. I can sometimes get this even lower.....

Using up all you can saves time and money..... thrifty in my books, and a wise use of resources.

I am also using up the yarn I bought for my wrap. It seems that I was told to buy a bit too much by the pattern. I should have known as patterns quite often get you buying more than you need for certain items. I need some socks (the ones I bought are not made very well) so I am using this yarn to knit myself a couple of pairs. I have enough leftover yarn to stock a store and I don't plan on adding to the pile, rather I am going to use all these bits and pieces to knit scarves, hats, cowls, and socks. Things we can always use in the cold prairie winters. I can even gift friends and relatives with them. Win - Win. Thrifty gifts, thrifty clothes and a bit of decluttering happening in the house.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. My goodness...I am not sure I've ever known anyone more thrifty than you. I just delight in reading how you save money. I sure could learn a lot from you...xoxo

  2. Jackie,
    Thank you for being a constant inspiration! Meals are really the least frugal part of our lifestyle. I need to do better...

  3. I love your style - a gal after my own heart. Happy thriftiness!