Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Tid Bits

Got up this morning, bundled up as it was just a degree or two above freezing and set out on my walk. I got to the end of the block and felt wet drops on my face. No it wasn't raining, as I looked closer I saw lots of tiny flecks of white coming down. Yep it was snowing...... Not what a person wants to see the second week of May.

Time to snuggle in and enjoy a day inside.

Remember I said I was knitting myself some socks with the leftover yarn from my wrap project.

Well here is what they look like before I finish them off.

Look a bit strange don't they. However once sewn together they turn into lovely, warm socks.

See, they look just great. Almost finished sewing the second pair.

Supper saw me using up a few items from the crisper and freezer.

I used up the onion, what was left of a bunch of celery, a green pepper, most of the broccoli, and most of the cauliflower as well as a bag of frozen leftover meat making a stir fry.

So yummy and so filling served on rice. We even have enough leftover for another meal. I may add a can of mushrooms to it when I reheat.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. OOO..I love your pretty socks and bet they will be sooo warm..
    I did about the same thing for our dinner tonight...
    a little hamburger meat
    a little ham
    a few bits of bacon..
    green pepper..onion..cheese...and eggs...
    the best frittia I've ever made and used up a lot of bits and pieces in the fridge.
    stay warm....

  2. Those socks are a great colour.

    I love making stir fry to use up all those bits and bobs that are hanging around, it's a meal that is far more than the sum of the parts.