Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday And Updates

We did a stock up shop this past weekend, and while the cost was enough to put us over budget for this month, the next 3 or 4 months should see me well under our grocery budget.

Meat was packaged for the freezer. Sandwich meat packaged up as well and frozen.

Here is the sandwich meat, along with the bacon ready to go into the freezer.

I have also been stretching meals a bit more than usual. Today a small amount of leftover chili was stretched by serving it over pasta. There is even a bit left for my clean out the fridge meal tomorrow.

Now on to my updates.

1.  Finish my quilt.  Not quite, I am still trying to find a large enough space to sandwich it.... I have a feeling that I may end up trying to do so on the deck.

2.  Work on rug (finish it if possible).  Done. Not finished but I am working on it.

3.  Finish off some knitting projects (knitted hoods need sewing up and one needs the hood knitted).  Done.

4.  Knit two pairs of socks for myself.  Done.

5.  Cut out three skirt patterns.  Done.

6.  Cut out 4 top patterns.  Done.

7.  Try for 18 no spend days this month (could be tricky as it is plant buying time).  Done, in fact I actually reached 22 no spend days this month. Combining errands and keeping busy around the house seems to be working well for me.

Well, this did not go so well this month. I did manage to remove another 7 items from my home so there are 7 less things cluttering up the old homestead. I am hoping that next month will be a bit better.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. More done than not done then so I call that a success. I'm stretching food even more now that we are dieting. I think I prefer the challenge of making leftover meals rather than starting meals from scratch. More creativity involved.

  2. sounds like you had a productive week...we have always frozen left overs, over-buys during sales...when I make a casserole, I try to make 2, one to freeze...it's so nice to be able to grab a few bags out of the freezer for dinner...love it.

  3. I bought an older ping pong table at a garage sale. Still lots of use in it. The kids all played the game and when they weren't using it, I used it to sandwich my quilts. The one I have folds in half, so easy to store whether it be in the basement or in the garage. Sometimes it's nice to be outside sandwiching quilts.