Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pre Summer Stock Up Done

Today we traveled to Regina for a bit of a stock up. The weather wasn't too bad on the way up or while we were shopping. However, as we were eating supper the rain came once again. We ended up coming half way home in a down pour!!! While we do need the rain I kind of wish it would stop for just a little while.

Pretty happy with what we managed to get at Costco and the Great Canadian Warehouse. We should be good for expensive meats and sandwich meats for a good long while. We will be over budget on groceries this month, but the next three months should see us well under budget. Harvey says to worry more about the total spent in a year than what each months costs are. Hopefully we will be well under budget for the entire year.

I also went to Micheal's to pick up some embroidery floss to work on the Christmas gift for Kurt. While there I noticed a yarn sale happening. Anybody that knows me knows I can not pass up a good yarn sale so I picked up some to add to my collection.

Since I did not have a cart this haul was actually quite small. Well small for me.

I also hit Fabricland.

My notions haul of buy one get one free items.

I will show my fabric haul off tomorrow. In a couple of cases it was buy one meter get one free, or at least 40% off.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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