Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

We are down to the last few weeks of summer and it has been exceptionally hot here in South Eastern Saskatchewan.

Up until last week we had only had a couple of 30C days. The last 4 days have reached 34C and our poor window air conditioners are having to run steady. They are managing to keep the house cool though.

On Saturday we started to have a problem with a very important part of our every day living.

Our phone seemed to develop a terrible static overnight. It also started doing one abrupt and very short ring. I never knew how much a person depended upon this modern device until these problems developed.

We unplugged everything, and replugged everything. Added items one at a time and even disconnected our cordless phone. Nothing worked. I phoned Sask Tel and set up a repair appointment on Monday morning. Later that day I went out and for some reason checked the phone lines leading from the back wall to the side. Hmmm, they were lying on the damp ground (really shady over there and it takes a long time to dry). We put them back on the house with the clips. Checked the phone and it was perfect.

The wires were still down in behind the rain barrel and of course Harvey wanted to get those up and off the ground as well.

Now if our rain barrel looked like this,

there would have been no problem moving them.

Instead we have a 300 gallon rain barrel. This made it necessary to empty it totally. That took most of yesterday. The water was not wasted though as we watered the front lawn with it. Today we shifted it, Harvey attached the wires and then decided to clean out the rain barrel.

We now have an extremely clean barrel, and a working phone. The working phone makes me happy as we would have ended up paying for a very large service call. Having an empty rain barrel when it is this hot makes me and my plants a little less happy. I will have to use city water and our usage bill will go up on that. The forecast is calling for a bit of rain on Friday, so perhaps my rain barrel will fill up once again.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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