Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting More Projects Underway

Today I started three new sewing projects. None of which should take much more then a session each with my sewing machine.

The first project is this one.

A nice bright yellow knit skirt. Two pieces of fabric with an elastic waist (most of my skirts have an elastic waist). I am hoping it is nice enough to take with me on my trip to the UK.

The next project is another skirt.

A grey green crepe just above the knee style this time.

The third project and yes it is another skirt.

A plaid knit this time. It is longer in length and has a waist band with a tie.

All the material and patterns came from my stash and I have the matching thread in my stash as well. The little bit left of each material has been put away for future use. Could end up being used in a quilt or for a contrast edging on another garment, no wasting here if at all possible.

I am really trying hard to make my way through all the fabric I have bought over the years and this year could be the one I make a bit of headway. I have to replace a few things in my wardrobe for this fall and I am sure I have just the right fabric to do so.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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