Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting Caught Up and A Bit of This and That

Yesterday I decided to pay a visit to our Salvation Army Thrift Store. I came away with some lovely yarn and a piece of material.


I can not believe that someone did not pick up this yarn before I saw it. The two in the forefront of the picture can be used to make the ruffled scarfs that are so popular right now. The pink is going to be used along with some white to make a baby afghan and the piece of grey cord is enough to make me a new winter skirt!!! I got all this for $2.50. Hmmm, I may have to visit a bit more often.

Today I managed to finish the plaid flannel skirt for my winter wardrobe.

I had picked up this piece of fabric last year at the church rummage sale with a skirt in mind.

I moved on to picking out material for my next three projects.

The pink knit and the patterned knit (the patterned is already spread on my cutting table) will be made into skirts to take on our trip. The cream.... Not sure if there is enough for a winter skirt but I am going to try and get one out of it. Tomorrow I cut them all out, and then on Sunday I will start to sew them. Slowly but surely working my way through my fabric stash and replacing items that have gotten a bit thread bare and having fun using up those bits of fabric bought at rummage sales or left over from other projects.

It was very hot here today and next week looks to be the same. I am looking forward to spending time sewing and working on my other projects.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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