Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sticking Close To Home

The harvest of tomatoes has started. The plants are producing once again and I am busy picking, finishing the ripening process in the house. Since the big hail storm I have been a bit leering about leaving produce outside when so close to being ready to pick.

So today I did up 12 pint bags of tomatoes.

Here are the last six bags just waiting to cool down enough for me to place them in the freezer.

At noon I decided that I would make a quick trip to the ProLife Garage Sale at the Church Community Center.

For the first time ever I was disappointed in what they had for sale. Things seemed pretty picked over even before the sale started (I got to peek earlier today when I dropped off some produce for our church workers). I did manage to find a few good deals though.

The woven basket was just $1.00 and is perfect for putting my rolls of Aida and linen that I use for counted cross stitch projects in. It will even be large enough for my rolls of stabilizer for my machine embroidery projects. I managed to pick up 3 pieces of Aida for future projects as well. Total cost for those was seventy-five cents.

The glass jars are going to be used for storage in the sewing room. I think they will be perfect to store coloured pencils and fabric markers in. Total cost for the jars was fifty cents.

I managed to scoop up two balls of Fun Fur yarn in black. I saw another woman eying them just as I picked them up. Cost for the yarn was another fifty cents.

I even found some heart shaped cookie cutters in various sizes. I may just use them in the sewing/craft room as templates for applique. Cost for these was twenty-five cents.

All in all a pretty good haul for $3.00.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Great score at the Church Garage Sale. The Mennonite Church right behind our development used to have a much better sale. I think the past few years people have been holding onto what they have and repairing and reusing. Smart, but it cuts into our treasures!