Friday, August 9, 2013

Is It Fall?????

The last week has been extremely cool here in Saskatchewan. This morning when I got up the temperature was 8 C. Brrrr.

On my daily walk through the yard I noticed a few things.

The leaves on my honey suckle are changing colour.

Also the leaves on the Virginia Creeper are changing.

Harvey figures that it is from hail damage, but I don't know. On my walk this morning I saw lots of trees with their lower branches changing colour. Also the cars have a heavy coating of dew, more along the lines of what we get in September.

Now I am going to get whiny. We have not had summer and after the very long winter we endured I want some heat and lots of sun. Instead we have gotten rain and more rain with very few warm days. I am really hoping that things warm up very soon.

Tonight I finally made the Lazy Perogies.

Here they are before the final cooking in the oven. Good old comfort food for a sunny but very cool day.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I know ... it has felt more like September than July or August this year. I don't know what that means for winter.

  2. I'd love to send you some heat....just look for it in the mail. Ha
    Mama Bear

  3. Jackie -

    Our weather is weird too. I told Ron the other day that I really thought I saw some leaves changing. He laughed and said I was seeing things. I'm not so sure! We have had heat, but it has been accompanied by lots of rain and very high humidity. Not a normal summer at all. If our winter has this much humidity we are going to have snow up to YOUR levels...and I don't think I could handle that! The weather all over the world is just all screwed up!