Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday Roundup

It has been a quiet week, not that much has been accomplished. Yet I do have a few photo's to share with all of you.

I picked a great deal of rhubarb yesterday and today I made two rhubarb sponge pies. I still have at least 3/4 of the rather large bag of sliced rhubarb left. I see a few more pies for the freezer and perhaps a loaf or two and some muffins will join them. That will be a job for tomorrow.

I did manage to cut out a few (well 3 patterns) this past week. I have 2 more that I hope to get done.

Another long knit skirt. This time in a Robin's egg blue (trying to add some colour to my wardrobe).

A brighter blue blouse. Lots of little pieces in this one and since it is a new pattern it may take me a few days to get it finished properly. It kind of reminds me of the red coat I made in the way it is going to have to be pieced together.

A wild print to be made into another summer top. I can wear this with lots that is already in my wardrobe.

I even managed to pull a couple more new patterns to use up some leftover knit fabric. Shopping at home first seems to be working. That and the fact that in order to get any new fabric I have to travel at least 2 hours..... Not going to happen until at least September, and even then it will just be fabric to make Christmas gifts.

Here are some photos of the fabric and the patterns I chose to use with each. Should be able to cut them out this upcoming week.

I have also worked on my rug, and things are moving right along. I hope to be finished that little (cough, cough) project within the next couple of weeks.

Today I started decluttering my closet. Everything that does not fit properly, or that I have not worn in awhile is going. I managed to go through skirts, tops, and jackets today. Tomorrow it is pants and dresses. I do have to make room for the new items I am making.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I did a wardrobe declutter on Friday after unsuccessfully trying to find something I liked to wear to the CS. Don't worry, I did go clothed, but I wasn't that pleased with the final outfit I chose, so I decided a cull was in order to make life simpler and donate the things I no longer liked.

  2. Rhubarb sponge pie sounds delicious!