Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Busy Harvesting

The last few days have been busy ones around our home.

The garden is coming in by leaps and bounds and when I am not preserving the harvest I am drying my herbs.

Harvey picked peas yesterday and got them shelled late last night. This morning I blanched and froze another batch.

I got another 6 bags for this winter and there is still at least one more good pick on the plants.

As the water for the peas was coming to a boil I ran out in the garden and cut some chives to chop and freeze. I got them washed and dried before the blanching water came to a boil and managed to get most of what I picked cut before it was time to cool the peas down. While the peas were cooling I got the rest of the chives chopped. This is the tray I put in the freezer.
I also dried mint and parsley in the good old dehydrator.

I did get a picture of the parsley, but not the mint. The mint really made the house smell great!!

Slowly but surely I am getting the harvest in. We are leaving on our trip in mid September so I really have to work to get things done.

We also celebrated Harvey's 63rd birthday today. Nothing really special, but we did go to the live summer theater tonight (hence the late post). 

Tomorrow I hope to remember to share a comparison picture of the counted cross stitch project. You can actually see a difference now.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I know you'll be happy to have all of this produce in the freezer this winter.....
    Happy Birthday, Harvey, you're a Spring Chicken.....
    Mama Bear

  2. A belated happy birthday to Harvey!

    Looks like you'll have a nice stash of herbs!