Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Excitment In And Around the Phillips' Homestead

This morning was a series of exciting happenings. None of them good, but learning experiences for both Harvey and I.

I had just finished brushing my teeth, was spitting (I know kind of too much information but important to the story) and rinsing off my toothbrush. I had the hot water tap in my hand and was getting ready to shut it off. To my surprise the tap came off in my hand as I turned it.

This picture pretty much sums up what happened (without the guy on one knee proposing). Water was gushing out of the top of the now empty pipe and raining all over the bathroom!!! I madly stuck the tap back into the hole and proceeded to open the bottom of the vanity reaching with one hand to try and find a water turn off valve. Hmmm, we don't have one.

I was madly trying to sweep the water into the sink and down the drain while trying to get the bathroom door open to scream (yes that's right scream) for Harvey. All the time wondering if I would manage to wake him up with my yelling (the man sleeps like the dead sometimes).

To my surprise as I flung open the door, Harvey was standing beside the coffee pot. I told him to shut off the water. I guess the shooting water and my directions did not paint a good enough picture as he came in the bathroom to help me turn off the tap.

Finally I managed to get through to him (still madly trying to sweep the water that was building up into the sink and down the drain) and he raced off downstairs to shut off the water main.

A good portion of the next hour was spent cleaning up the flood while Harvey had his morning coffee and planned out how he was going to repair the tap. Turned out we needed to buy a whole new tap set. Three hours later (the old set was so corroded that it was hard to remove) we have new taps in the bathroom.

I went out a bit later and cut some lettuce and the rhubarb. While out I noticed some flashing lights. Never thought anything of it until I started to throw the rhubarb leaves out in the garbage bin in the alley. As I turned to come back into the house a voice called to me.

The gentleman who is building the large duplex (the one that will kind of invade my backyard privacy) was calling me.

It seems that someone or more than just one someone had tried to set fire to the building!! The police and fire chief asked me questions as well.... I can't believe that I had never seen or heard anything. I am keeping my eyes open for anything strange as I was asked. Right now they figure it was a group of teenagers causing trouble. I am just glad the whole building did not go up. Oh by the way the picture is one I found on the internet not the real deal.

I hope that tomorrow is a little more laid back.....

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Oh my ... what a day.

    Glad you got the plumbing straightened out ... a little warning would have been nice, right.
    Not surprised you didn't see anything with the fire .. you guys were a bit busy! Glad your house is OK, though.

  2. Oh, Jackie...I'm sorry about your flood! Back in 2006 the kitchen faucet started leaking the day before Justin's graduation party. We went out and bought a new faucet. Jus said, no problem mom...I can install it in 5 minutes! Once again I gave him ANOTHER lesson about Murphy's Law and how I would not DARE to replace something the night before his party. A leak I could live with until the day AFTER the party. The next day he set to work...and he was right, he installed it in 5 minutes. However, it took over 2 hours and a Dremel with a metal cutting blade to cut off the old corroded one before he could start the installation! I think that was the first time the "Murphy" lesson really set in!