Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Catch Up Tuesday

Well it has been a busy day in my house. The garden is coming in great guns and I have been busy today trying to keep up.

First off I froze some green beans.

This is the first batch.

Then I moved on to pickling a few of them.
I only did 6 pint jars, but since I have never made them before this is a good start.

Then came the second batch of beans for the freezer.
So now I have 7 meals in the freezer. Hope to get at least that many more. Harvey only planted one row of beans so I guess I should consider anything over the 7 packages a gift.

I then moved on to getting some of the kohlrabi into the freezer. I managed to get these 3 bags done.

I still have fresh kohlrabi and a bag of fresh beans in the fridge to use in meals this week (as well as a slightly bruised pepper and some cucumbers). We will be eating very well for the next while.

I would like to share a picture of our sky last night. we got a bit of rain and when I looked out our front window I saw this......
Just had to get a picture. After the hail and torrential rain that caused a bit of flooding on our streets this was a welcome sight. God's promise for a wonderful day.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I see you are doing a bit of preserving, too. I prefer to can my green beans so that they don't require much cooking when I want to eat them but I might like mine cooked more than you do. What type did you plant?
    Also, I am a little leery of freezing too much after the power outage of a few years ago during the tornadoes. I had been buying beef wieners on sale and realized I have about 4 or more packs so I thought I'd better not buy any more.
    Mama Bear

  2. Not too sure what type Harvey planted. We have kind of divided the garden work. He plants, weeds and waters, I harvest and preserve. I will ask him.

    God bless.