Friday, July 19, 2013

Scary Friday

Today started out nice and sunny with clear skies and sky rocketing temperatures. Just a gorgeous day to get some needed maintenance done around the house.

Our front door had not been closing properly for awhile so Harvey got out the tools and started to work.

At first he thought all he had to do was replace the plunger on the door knob and he had just the ticket in his work room. Wrong!!! We ended up buying a new lock set, but at least the door closes now and we can lock it behind us as we leave.

Towards the afternoon the skies got dark and with a loud clap of thunder the rain came down. The first of the rolling storms dropped 4/10ths of an inch in about 20 minutes. Not bad at all. Then about an hour later the sky got dark once again and the rain started to fall. This time we got hail. At first the hail was very small and would not cause much damage at all. Shortly, however, the hail got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Soon we were getting loonie or twonie sized hail. Those cause major damage.

My flowers on the deck took a hammering, breaking off and getting bruises. The garden....well here is a picture of what is left of our cucumbers.

Broken and blown around, beaten into the ground. I have a feeling we won't have too many this year.

Tomorrow we will be picking what is left of the beans and perhaps even the peas. I am worried about the carrots and the potatoes as well.

Power was out for about 2 hours which seems to be happening every storm we get lately. Thank heavens I had made the main dish salad earlier in the day.

Oh well that's what living on the prairies brings, storms, snow and hot weather.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Oh, no .. I'm sorry. I hope your house is OK.