Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Thought I Was Done......

Mass today was beautiful, we celebrated another baptism and that ceremony always fills me with hope for the future of my church. Parents, trying to bring up their child in their faith always fills me and I feel the Holy Spirit reaching out to embrace those involved. Heck, the whole church for that matter.

This is the first Mass we have attended in our church since we have reduced the number of Masses on a Sunday. The church was packed, something the likes of which I have not seen in awhile.

Father Brian gave a sermon on how we need to be uncomfortable, not stagnate or go backwards in our faith to the way things have always been done. Certain traditions and teachings will never change (they have been the foundation of our faith for over 2000 years), but the way we practice them could. We need to embrace the changes and move forward.

Then this afternoon I traveled to a small town called Redvers for our Deanery Pastoral Council. I was finally going to get rid of one of my many hats (I have been divesting myself of these hats for the past 2 years), that of Chairperson of the Deanery Council. I did succeed in doing so but..........

No one would step forward to become the Vice Chairperson and I was nominated.......I should have done this.

However my Catholic guilt stepped forward and made me say yes. I did warn them that I would be missing meetings...quite a few meetings. That still did not make anyone step up to the plate. However my acceptance made 2 priests very happy, whereas my not taking the Chairperson position made them very sad. Foreign priests do not like change very much, they like what they know.

When I gave my report on what has been happening in Estevan I said the dogmatic theology course was done, and one of the foreign priests got on my case. Finally, filled with frustration I told him that the course was okayed by our Archbishop, the Bishops of Canada and my parish priest and chosen it as an adult faith formation. I think he knew I was getting a bit peeved, but the eye rolling by said priest when I mentioned that I was the person giving the course was the last straw.

It has been raining since late last night. Harvey says we have an inch already and it is still coming down in fits and starts. The rest of the upcoming week is not going to be much better either. We won't get much work done on the deck, but we should be able to make a trip to Regina to do some stock up shopping. I get to see Kris and make sure he is okay.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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