Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting Ready For Those Long Cold Nights

It is that time of year when Harvey and I start preparing for those long, cold, Saskatchewan winters.

Prepping has become so second nature to us now, that usually we don't even think of what we do. But I decided that perhaps it would be great if I shared with all of you.

First off we get the garden in and stored for the winter. Those veggies and meals of cabbage rolls and cabbage bread and all the pickles and relish will taste so good over the winter.

Then I empty my baskets and boxes of plants and herbs. I usually cut down all the perennials at this time. Harvey is occupied raking leaves and adding them to the garden. He then works them into the soil a little bit.

I wash and vacuum all the vents in the house and vacuum and wipe off the surfaces of the electric baseboard heaters. Then I wipe down the oil filled heaters that we are using in some of the rooms instead of the baseboard heating.

The outside rain barrel is emptied into the cherry trees and the cedars. We don't want to take the chance of it cracking from the cold. All water taps to the outside are turned off. We forgot to do this once and this is what happened.
Ever since we are doubly sure that those outside taps are turned off and the water to them is turned off inside.

Thanksgiving here in Canada, happens in October and that is when we remove the air conditioner in the dining room window and cover the one in the hall wall. Kurt and Kris are here to give a hand with this chore. They also climb up and check the eaves troughs and clean them out.

The screens are removed from the windows and placed in the basement. I don't know why Harvey decided this needs to be done but we do so every year.

The lawn mower, rototiller and other spring/summer/fall outside tools are cleaned up and put away. The outdoor furniture and cushions are stored either inside or beside the house. I think I will be moving my wicker rocker inside this first winter.

The snow blower and shovels are readied for their winter jobs.

Harvey gathers together plans for woodworking projects and decides if he needs any special supplies. He also gathers a couple of wine kits....must keep busy.

Coats, mitts, scarves, toques, and other winter wardrobe essentials are gathered, washed and checked to see if they need repairs. I also transfer my summer clothing out of our room and place my winter clothing in its stead.

I gather my reading material and projects together. Here is a start on the reading material.

These are the beginnings of my fiction collection. I am sure I will be downloading many more free books on my Kobo, but I do this when I start running low on reading material. Knowing me I will be checking out my favorite rummage sales and thrift shops for a few more.

I even managed to find some frugal living books at a garage sale and picked them up.

I have downloaded a few onto my Kobo as well, they of course were free.

I still have lots of yarn and fabric so my evenings will be me tucked up nice and warm in the house with a cup of tea or hot chocolate working on a project or with a book in my hands.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. What a lot of prep you have to do. I love the winter evenings with the wood burner lit and my sewing projects. We don't yet the extremes of weather that you'll experience of course.

    Good luck with the rest of your prep.

  2. When we had new windows installed a few years ago, the window guy told us to remove the screens in the winter. It allows better circulation and prevents condensation build-up on the windows which can lead to ice. He also said to raise the hems of the curtains to about an inch above the sill to further reduce condensation build-up.
    Enjoy the books -I have a stack started too.

  3. This year I feel SO far behind on getting ready. We started fall early this year with leaves turning about a month before expected. I sure hope the cold weather doesn't come a month early too...I'm definitely not ready! I do have my crocheting together from last winter (stored in Justin's old hockey bag...after a THOROUGH cleaning and airing) and my hand sewing is all together in my cosmetic case. I have two gifts for my Aunt, one gift for my mom bought for Christmas. I have lots of fabric that I can use to sew up some things and have started on Justin's quilt. So much to do yet!