Monday, September 8, 2014

Menu Monday

Good morning everyone on this wonderful new week.

I have been called in to sub for the entire week and so this menu could change with how I am feeling once I get home.


Moussaka (need desperately to use up the eggplants in the fridge).


The last package of cabbage rolls I froze last fall. They need to be out before I start the new ones.


Sausage casserole, nothing very hard about this one and other than slicing the carrots and potatoes a snap to make.


The leftover frozen roast beef and gravy. I will make egg noodle to serve this over. As well as some asparagus.


Fish Fillets, rice, and asparagus. Just not sure which fillets I will use. I am leaning towards some of the trout we bought at Costco.


If it is nice grilled steak, and tin foil packets of veggies on the BBQ. If it isn't nice I will save this for another meal next week and do a clean out the fridge night if possible.


Since the pork roast was not cooked the previous Sunday that is what I will make here.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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