Monday, September 1, 2014

Menu Monday

I just can not believe that September has arrived!!! Seems as if summer really just started.

My menus really don't change that much through the year, perhaps a few more casseroles and stews in the winter, but that is about it.

 With that being said, here are my menus for the upcoming week. Just the supper menus as usual, cause lunches are either leftovers or a sandwich.


Leftover chicken from the fridge freezer. I am craving a pasta type dish using this up.


Leftover ham from the fridge freezer (just added three packages of leftovers from Sunday's supper). I think that Scalloped Potatoes and Ham sounds awfully good, especially using fresh potatoes from the garden.


Clean out the fridge night. All those leftovers from Monday and Tuesday will be gone tonight.


Hubby can grill some pork chops. I think I just might make a potato salad and have some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers on the side.


Salmon Patties, rice and peas sound perfect.


We are going out of town to do our big trimonthly or so shop in the capitol city. Guess we will be meeting up with Kris and going out for a bite before we head home.


Pork roast, roasted potatoes, roasted zucchini and roasted onions. A one pan meal hopefully.

Everyone have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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