Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

Today dawned cloudy and dark. Rain came during the early, early morning and continued off and on until the afternoon. Too dark and miserable to do any cross stitching, so I took myself off to the sewing room after Mass.

Yep, that is right I decided today would be a good day to get that top I had cut out sewn.... Perhaps knocking off another one of my goals for this month as well. I did not get it finished but I got a very good start on it. Another hour or two and the top will be finished.

I just need to put in the armhole facings and do a narrow hem.

Mass was exceptionally long today. Pope Francis has called a Synod of the Bishops together to discuss the effects of evangelism on the family, so we had prayers for it's success.

Father Brian used the reading on the parable of the two sons, one of whom said he would not go into the vineyard and later went, while the other refused to go at all. He asked each of us how many times we turned away from what God wanted us to do (he spoke about St. Augustine's life) and how many times we left the church after Mass and gossiped, or said someone did not deserve forgiveness. He spoke about how God loved us and wanted what was best for us and that the best for us was to listen.

I will be pondering this a great deal this week, as I know I quite often fall short.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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