Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mini Vacation

This past weekend we went to the spa in Moose Jaw. What a wonderful adventure.

We arrived at just about 5 pm and checked into the hotel. As they were doing reno's on one of the floors our room was upgraded. To our surprise when we walked into our room we were greeted by this.....

Our own giant two person whirlpool spa!!!

Of course we had to try it out that evening.

Of course Harvey had to manage to get in before I did. It was a wonderful experience to just lay back in the water and relax!

The next morning we traveled about a block away to a lovely park.

Most of the back alleys were adorned with murals and statues. This one was very close to our hotel. In fact the best picture of it I could get was from our window.

All of the murals were done by Saskatchewan artists many of whom live in the city of Moose Jaw which has a vibrant art community.

We toured the tunnels where we learned about the life of our Chinese Immigrants. We really did not treat them well at all. Also learned about the bootlegging history of this city. I ended up being dragged into the story of the bootleggers, but it really was a great deal of fun. We were not allowed to take pictures in the tunnels so I am relying on some pictures already posted by them on their site.

Most of them are from the Capone Tunnels. Yep that's right, Al Capone used to come up to Moose Jaw to collect his booze during prohibition.

Harvey was standing right in front of this fire place when it slid back.
I got to be the bodyguard in this area (where the flapper is standing). We even got to all touch a Tommy Gun.

Looking forward to our next mini vacation come October. We are heading to Banff in Alberta. This is where we went for our honeymoon many years ago. Should be interesting to see if it has changed at all in almost 39 years.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Glad you had a great time. Sounds an interesting place.

  2. Sounds like a fun place. Love the ducks, too.

    Banff is a place I have always wanted to visit so I'll really look forward to hearing about your visit there next month.