Friday, July 17, 2015

A Small Trip Around the Garden

Ahhh, a lovely quiet day. My stress is now over, and hopefully will not return.

Thought I would do a short trip around the yard today.

The corn has taken off and is finally taller than the potatoes.

Hoping for some corn feasts later this summer. Harv only planted 12, but at 2 cobs a plant and only two of us here 12 lovely meals.

My impatience corner. Harvey figures this looks like a blanket heading to the deck. I love the bright splash of colour these make in a rather dark corner.

Beans, hiding in the bushes. Tomorrow will be a picking day.

Lots of cherries, if I can just keep the birds out of the trees. It is a fight every year to gather enough to satisfy our winter needs. Last year the birds beat me. I may just pick a few now to make jam as it doesn't matter if the fruit is really ripe or not for jam making.... A bit sour is just fine.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Everything is growing wonderfully well in your garden.

  2. What a great garden. At our old house, we had 2 cherry trees. Bill bought nets to put over the trees and a grapevine running across our fence and our bird problem was solved. Our son had a huge vineyard and every time the grapes started coming on, we all worked all day to put nets over them.