Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Minus a Vehicle

Today we sold my baby.

I no longer have my Buick Enclave CLX sitting in my driveway. Now comes the long search for a new vehicle. Harvey says he should buy a new truck and then get me a little puddle jumper of a car. No way!!! With the snow we get, it would be very hard to get anywhere during the winter. I will, however allow him to deal on the Terrain (Denali model) that I picked out however. Hopefully he will manage to knock some off the price.

We also had some visitors this morning.

My brother and his twin girls Katelyn and Kurstin.

So you may ask between the visit and the sale of the car if I got much done in the house? The answer is No. I really do have to buckle down and get things done tomorrow.

Now on to the reason why I needed to keep my sanity while at the reunion.

While I get along fairly well with Harvey's brothers the same can not be said about his sisters. It always seems as if one of them needs to find something in me lacking.

This time one of them jumped down my throat when I went to ask if I had won something at the silent auction. Her exact words in a very loud and snippy voice were "We'll handle it Jackie." I backed off and waited, and waited and waited still more. I watched this sister run the prizes to every other person, congratulate them and the prize I bid on just sat there. Finally I mentioned to another sister that I would like to know who won the sunflower torch as I had bid on it and it was still sitting there. She went right away and asked Mrs. Snippy who had won, came back and told me it was mine.

Then by complete accident I stood by Mrs. Snippy and at that time got the dirtiest look. Stayed away from her for the rest of the night. Waited until the end of the night to pick up the other two items I won, paid and then we left quite quickly after.

I probably should not be so thin skinned, but that is the way I am made and can't change that. I have however changed how I view this sister and will never be completely at ease around her again.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I'm sorry someone found it necessary to make you feel uncomfortable at the reunion Jackie. I know from experience that when someone is deliberately and unnecessarily rude to me, it takes a while to forget and forgive them completely.

  2. First, I'm sorry about the loss of your car. I know I will feel like that when the time comes to get rid of my Highlander. It started out as Ron's car, but then when the mileage got too high it became mine. I just LOVE that car. I am really hoping I can hold onto it for quite a few more years, both for the monetary savings and because it is mine, Mine, MINE! I will truly be sad to see it go.

    Second, I don't understand how people can be horrible to others, but it seems that those of us who aren't are usually the brunt of their venom. Probably because they know we will not return like in kind! Over the years my mom taught me how to "cut someone down without ever raising your voice". I taught Justin as well, LOL. For someone like that I would rehearse my "comeback" until it was well ingrained. I would probably never use it, but knowing that I COULD come back just as toxic, but sweetly done would give me a sense of control and calm. Knowing that the other person probably wouldn't even UNDERSTAND that they had been disrespected would make it all the sweeter! LOL, I can be a "b" when I want to be, bwaaahaahaahaa....

  3. Hey there, car shopping....I am driving the second Dodge Caravan I have owned in red...this one has seats that can be stashed in the floor though and I like that when we need to haul something....Honey Bear has a new Chevy a little like the car in the photo....he still drives to work 3 days a week on the other side of town and needs a car with good gas mileage.
    I've not had a chance to post this veggies and Blackberries has taken up my a new AC today, finally.
    Mama Bear

  4. Hope you get the vehicle that you want!

    I understand how you feel about the SIL ... is your DH aware of how his sister treats you?

  5. there is no need for her to treat you that way.

  6. It’s too bad that you had to sell your Buick. I hope you get something that can match its performance, if not surpass it. As for the other matter, I hope you find a way to resolve it. Good luck, and drive safe!

    Rhonda Burgess @ Bob Dunn Hyundai

  7. You are right; you do not necessarily need a truck to replace your Buick Enclave CLX. What you'll need is something more manageable for all seasons. It’s still sad to hear that you had to sell it off, though the Terrain should be a nice replacement. Good luck!

    Paige Hollingsworth @ Baldwin Motors Lincoln