Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thrifty Tuesday

Instead of buying something new to work on in the evenings (it really is too hot to knit), I decided that perhaps it was time to start working on some of the many embroidery projects my Mom had gathered together.

I could have started another cross stitch project, heaven knows I have plenty of those, but straight embroidery goes so much faster.

I started this dresser runner the first week of the month.

I finished it late last night and all that is left is the hemming.

Today I started this baby quilt top.

I think it will move along fairly quickly and keep me out of trouble in the evenings.

Fact of the matter Mom seemed to collect a great many quilt tops so I plan on getting some of them finished this summer. They will make lovely gifts later on.

I have enough to keep me busy for the next little while and will make quite a dent in items taking up room in my sewing/craft area (as well as saving money on gifts).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Hi, dearest long-time bloggy friend...gosh, didn't we start about the same time blogging? I think I started in Oct. of 2007....and, you know, I have never had blogging block...I still barely finish one draft before 2 or 3 more ideas are running thru my mind. LOL
    I love your pretty hand work. My mom loved to do all kinds of hand work, sewing, actually, she was very talented. I've never been good at any of it.
    Have a good rest of the week...

  2. I cannot do embroidery so am in awe on your talent.