Friday, July 10, 2015

Mobile Again

Well, we did it. Did what you might ask. Well we bought a replacement for my beloved Enclave.

A brand new GMC Denali Terrain. It is quite a bit smaller than the Enclave, but really we did not need that big a vehicle any longer. I think I might be adding to our OnStar package in a month or so. We need to use up the minutes we bought for Hands Free Calling. I figure a year and then we will cancel. I will also need to update our XM radio in three months.

On to gardening news.

This year I decided to colour block the yard. The very front patio is in shades of white and pink, the main door (well the door we use each and every day) is done in shades of yellow and cream, and the back patio and deck are done in shades of red and white.

Thought I would share the main door area with all of you.

Mini petunia's, as I call them. I know they are called calibrocia (spelled incorrectly of course). Look at those two white with yellow stripes. Not too sure where they came from.

Lovely yellow mini roses.

More pale yellow mini roses.

Do you see a theme here? Cream mini roses to round out the colour scheme.

Surprisingly, even with the heat we are having over the past two weeks, the plants seem to be thriving.

I looked after a friends yard and garden this past week and part of last week. They brought me a lovely gift for doing so (I told them I did not need anything).

This is a Maple Cream liqueur that is only sold in Quebec. I think I am going to enjoy this over the summer and fall.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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